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Lebec County Water Brown Act Policy

The L.C.W.D.  Board of Directors shall conduct each and every meeting in an informal, but professional manner.  The Directors will adhere to all governing laws and regulations including the “Brown Act” and “Roberts Rule of Order.”  Any and all matters which need legal clarification “shall not” be voted on.  The matter will then be referred to legal counsel for advice.  The matter at hand will then be placed on the next regular Board Meetings Agenda unless circumstances otherwise dictate for a “Special Meeting.”


                        Only matters that are listed on the Agenda for the meeting are to be voted on.  All other matters will be taken under consideration for review by the Board of Directors and will be voted on at the next regular meeting.  Directors may make inquiries regarding the matter at hand in order to make a proper decision at the next meeting.


                        If a matter is requested to be put on the Agenda by the public, the person who requested the matter or a representative of that person will be notified that they must be present at the meeting where the matter is on the Agenda.  Routinely, if a representative is not present to answer questions on the matter, the matter will not be voted on.  The person requesting the matter will then be contacted by the Secretary on the next business day, advising that their matter was not heard.  They can then place the matter on the next regular meeting Agenda.


                        There may be special situations where the requesting individual or their representative cannot attend the meeting and, if the circumstances merit, the Board may consider the matter and take the appropriate action.  The person requesting the matter will then be contacted by the Secretary on the next business day, advising them of the decision of the Board.


                        The Board of Directors reserves the right to request any disrupting party to leave the meeting.  If the disrupting party does not comply with the request to leave, Kern County Sheriffs will be called to escort the disrupting party off the premises.  The Board of Directors will refrain from issuing any citizen arrests or citations unless necessary to insure the safety of the Directors, Secretary and the public present at the meeting.